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Jams, Marmalades, Fruit Sauces, and Chutneys
Handcrafted preserves using market fresh fruits.  Country goodness for the urban palate.

About Us

Jam I am® is the creation of Carolyn Cooper, a native of Los Angeles, California, who long before setting up shop had been canning and "putting up" homemade jams, preserved fruits and chutneys. 

Carolyn grew up as a "city girl" but always had a little streak of country in her.  During her college years she participated in a community garden growing her own vegetables, and now maintains an edible urban garden at her home in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles.

The inspiration for Jam I am®
can be traced to the Santa Rosa plum tree that Carolyn's son Michael helped plant when he was four years old.  After Michael left for college and the tree started yielding more than 70 jars of jam with each harvest, Carolyn decided it was time to turn her love of canning into a business so a larger community could enjoy her amazing Santa Rosa Plum Jam. 

Joining the Santa Rosa Plum Jam
are Carolyn's favorite handcrafted jam, marmalade, chutney, & cranberry sauce recipes - visit Our Cupboard page for a full product list and ingredients.

We strive to use market fresh produce grown locally in California for our ingredients, mostly from farmers' markets.  Jam I am® handcrafted preserves are produced in small batches in Kerr® mason jars using the time honored, traditional boiling water bath canning process.  For added consumer protection our jars are sealed with tamper-evident shrink bands. 

Jam I am® is registered by the County of Los Angeles as an approved Cottage Food Operator under the California Homemade Food Act, which went into effect on January 1, 2013.  Products not covered under the Cottage Food law are produced in an approved certified commercial kitchen.

Welcome to Jam I am® and please check out our "JamIam" facebook page.  A link is on the Contact Info page of this website.